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Entry requirements for Syria



Entry requirements for Syria

 For the entry into the Syrian Arab Republic, Swiss, Austrian, and German subjects need a visa. Generally, you must apply for your visa at the Syrian Embassy in  your homeland. When planning excursions and trips to Lebanon and/or Jordan, you should apply for a multiple entry visa.  


All that is required is a passport which must remain valid at least six months after your travel date.

Visa issuing at the frontier is possible for individual and group travelers only whose tour operator cooperates with a Syrian partner. Group travelers get a visa for free.


With an Israeli entry stamp (which is also made when you enter via Yassir Arafat Airport in Gaza or the Allenby-/King Hussein Bridge crossing point to Jordan or Taba/Sinai crossing point to Egypt), or an entry or departure stamp made by Egyptian or Jordanian authorities on the crossing points to Israel, or with an Israeli visa in your passport, you may not enter Syria or the Lebanon, even if a valid visa is present in your passport or if you are listed in a group visa.


All tourists departing from an land border have to pay a departure tax of SYP 500.00 per person.


Extension of the stay


In the event of a stay exceeding 45 days, foreign subjects in Syria are obliged to register at Syrian passport and immigration authority and extend their residence permit. The Syrian stamp in the passport obliging to apply to the authority has usually a validity of 15 days (old regulation). Stays up to three months are commonly possible, thereafter the precise reason for stay (e.g. language course, studies) must be proved.


Particular customs regulations


Imports of cash exceeding a value of USD 5,000 must be declared on entry to get the allowance for re-exporting foreign currencies.

Special regulations apply for imports of professionell and semi-professionell electronic devices and video cameras (Permission is given by the ministery of information). You should avoid taking along a GPS device, it couldt be confiscated.

Export of antiques is regulated by public authorities. We urgently recommend to be careful regarding relative "offers" at Syria's numerous historical sites though most objects are fakes.



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