Introducing the new Beit Salahieh

It is our pleasure to write to you to inform you about the imminent re-opening of Beit Salahieh in the old Aleppo city as a five star and the biggest cultural hotel in Syria.

Our company, Bilad Al Sham Hotels, acquired this hotel, which was called Diwan Rasmi, in early 2007 and subsequently acquired Al Mansouriya Palace Hotel in old Aleppo city as well in December 2007.

Immediately the hotel has been returned to its original name, Beit Salahieh, to reconnect it and return it to the Salahieh family who lived in this house from the 1860’s to 1950 and were then the most prosperous merchant family in Aleppo.

Since its acquisition the European team that worked for eight years to reinstate Al Mansouriya Palace Hotel to its previous glory together with the Syrian team of restoration, architects and engineers have been commissioned to reconstruct and renovate Beit Salahieh after having acquired an adjoining property, which would make the total land area of the hotel 1,680 sq metres, making it the largest cultural hotel in Syria in one connected property.

It is expected that Beit Salahieh will have a soft opening starting in May 2010, having been closed for 18 months for restoration, renovation and expansion.

This five star hotel will consist of 40 rooms and suites with the suites designated in the new house that has been acquired and connected to the hotel. There will be an all year restaurant that will seat approximately 100 persons and will be open to the guests as well as to the public. The summer roof gardens restaurant, as well as all the gardens, has been designed by the famous landscape designer in London, The Lord Kenilworth Mr Randle Siddeley, and will seat 80 persons and will be open from April to November every year. In addition, there is an enclosed breakfast terrace that will be open 24 hours, a summer and winter bar, a mini swimming pool and a spa centre comprising of jacuzzi, turkish bath and a massage room.

The professional team who have worked on this project for the last three years are architect Madame Anne Judet from Paris and the famous Paris based, interior designer Madame Catherine Chasset-Le Chevallier, both of whom have worked for eight years on restoring Al Mansouriya Palace. The restoration architect’s office of Mr Adli Qudsi participated in the design, provided the engineering studies, prepared the detailed plans and are currently managing the construction project. The partner in charge of the project is architect, Mr Thierry Grandin, a French national who has loved Aleppo enough to live in it for the last twenty seven years.

The finishing standards of the hotel will be along the same lines of luxury as Al Mansouriya Palace Hotel, specifically with the design of the bathrooms, the furniture, soft furnishing and as detailed in every respect. All electromechanical installations have been designed to the best international standards to include heating and air conditioning, security and internet systems as well as flat screen TVs and direct international dial telephone system.

The furniture has been designed and ordered to the same style and standard of the furniture that furnished the famous houses in Syria in the late 1800’s. Beds are adorned with oriental Damask silk, windows are draped in brocade curtains and pearl and walnut furniture and marble hammams allow our guests to experience the authentic luxury and tranquillity of this old cultural home in the old city of Aleppo. You will also be able to see the Salahieh family tree as well as pictures of the members of the family. In addition the Bilad Al Sham shareholders, as members of the Salahieh family, have brought back to the house some furniture items and memorabilia that was there in the house over 100 years ago.

After a long day of visiting the unlimited historical monuments of Aleppo and the surrounds our guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the Catherine Bar connected to the main restaurant all year long that will seat approximately 100 persons and will be open to the guests as well as to the public. Alternatively during April to November our guests can enjoy their ‘happy hours’ at the waterfall of the Randle Bar in the roof terrace restaurant. The roof top garden restaurant will seat 80 persons with the breathtaking views of Aleppo and the Citadel that dates over five thousand years.

Beit Salahieh will not only provide our guests with luxury and comfort but will also serve them the most traditional home cooked Aleppian cuisine at our rooftop garden as was served in Aleppo houses hundreds of years ago with the breathtaking scene and a few yards from the Aleppo Citadel that dates back over five thousand years.

Afternoon tea is served in the sunny and bright Lounge overlooking the orangerie and gardens.

Our guests will have the pleasure of the sensational treatments in our Spa which can be booked by prior arrangement for massages, jacuzzis and an exclusive and exquisite turkish bath, which will be an unforgettable experience additional to our mini swimming pool located in the new house.

We have spared no effort in acquiring the best aged world famous handmade soaps made in Aleppo from the best olive oil and laurel for full massage and scrub by the most traditional professionals in Aleppo.

Beit Salahieh’s Management is ready to receive bookings for individual private travellers from May 2010 and for group travel from September 2010. The soft opening period will be for three months from May to August 2010 where we will receive individual bookings and complementary booking from travel agents, European travel editors, European tour operators and European travel agents. The official opening ceremony and reception will be a world class event with guests from Syria, the region and Europe and is expected to be in June/July 2010.

We look forward to servicing you and your clients according to the best internationally accepted hospitality standards.

Malak Khoudeir General Manager Beit Salahieh Aleppo Al Mustadamiyah Street Aleppo – Syria Mobile: +963 947 622220 Telephone: +963 21 2286700 (only until the end of February) +963 21 3312222 (starting from March) Fax: +963 21 21278808 (only until the end of February ) +963 21 3322688 (starting from March) Email: