01.01.2011 Jordan increase visa fees

Type of Visa: One Visit

20 JOD (USD 29,00)

Type of Visa: Two visits

30 JOD (USD 43,00)

Type of Visa: 6 month and multiple entries

60 JOD (USD 85,00)

Above rates in USD Dollar are based today excange rate and might change according to R.O.E.

Above rates are for FIT`s arriving to Jordan from any border from 1.1.2011


10.02.2010 Hotel Salahieh in Aleppo will open in May 2010

Hotel Salahieh will open in May 2010 for Individual guests and in September 2010 also for groups.

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10.01.2009 New price for exit land border tax leaving Syria

Since October 1, 2009, you don΄t only pay the already known exit tax of Syp 500,- but also an administration fee of Syp 50,-, all together now Syrian pound 550,- per person, equal to US-$ 12,- (based on current exchange rate).In case you leave Syria in direction to Lebanon at the so-called Jdeide border, you have to get the stamp for the exit tax at the first control desk, even before customer control. If you miss to get the stamp there, and you reach the passport control without this stamp, you retrace by walking for about one kilometer, and queue again at the passport desk.

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13.08.2009 Hotel  Beit Joury

One year after opening, the hotel  Beit Joury is closed for reconstruction. After property owner change, now the hotel is belong the Hotel Mameluke

18.08.2009 Visa to Lebanon

Please note:


      A free one month valid visas are granted at the airport and the frontier offices, renewable up to three months, to the citizens of the following countries who are coming for the purpose tourism:


Andorra – Antigua and Barbuda – Argentina – Armenia – Australia – Austria – Azerbaijan – The Bahamas – Barbados – Belarus – Belgium – Belize – Bhutan – Brazil – Bulgaria – Canada – Chile – China Rep – Czech Republic –  Costa Rica –  Croatia – Cyprus –  Denmark – Dominican Republic – Estonia – Finland – France – Great Britain - Georgia – Germany – Greece – Hong Kong – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Italy – Japan – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan  – Latvia – Lithuania – Liechtenstein – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Macau (S A R) – Malaysia – Malta – Mexico – Moldova – Monaco – Montenegro – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Palau – Panama – Peru – Poland – Portugal  – Russia – Romania – Saint Kitts & Nevis – Samoa – San Marino – Serbia– Singapore – Slovakia – Slovenia  – South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Tajikistan – Turkey (exclusively at airport) -Trinidad & Tobacco – Turkmenistan – USA – Ukraine – Uzbekistan –Venezuela –Yugoslavia.

You'll find this list on the following Webpage: Visas/Pages/visaa4.aspx


02.07.2009 Airport exit taxe

Damascus and Aleppo Airports has finally included departure tax into ticket prices, as of June 16, 2009.

It means that passengers will no longer be hit by the Syp 1500 surprise at the airport. Instead, tickets sold in Syria and abroad are all increasing by around € 24,-.

Passengers who bought tickets before June 16, 2009 may still have to buy the stamp at the airport.

30.06.2009 Airport Aleppo

Short notice: Aleppo airport (ALP) will be closed from July 1, till July 10, 2009 due to maintenance works.

All flights scheduled to Aleppo will be transferred to Damascus International airport (DAM).

02.01.2009 Credit Cards

Syrian visitors are advised to bring their Visa card rather than Master Card. Acceptance of credit cards is still low, Possible use in high level hotels, restaurants and shops. Duty free shops at the airports and border crossings only accept Visa Cards

02.07.2008 Visa Fee to Lebanon

 As already reported in our last edition, also transit tourist have to pay a visa fee of about $ 18,-. The fee has to be paid in local currency. You have to leave the border control post and walk to one of the exchange offices.  By leaving and / or returning you often have to explain the officer that you want to leave the border just for money change.

New border procedure


Each traveller to Syria should provide two copies of his passport (the first four pages in black & white only) for the entry procedure at the syrian border.


Strict vehicle spot-checks


As of May 08, the following prescriptions for car drivers have been more strictly supervised (high fines in case of non-compliance):

Minimal equipment requirements: warning triangle, fire extinguisher 1 kg min, first-aid box.

When renting a car, you should verify in advance the presence of spare wheel, lifting jack, and suitable wheel brace.

Driver and co-driver must apply safety belts. Drivers are forbidden to smoke and to make phone calls while driving.


Dramatic price increase


Already in fall 2007, national fees for water, gas, electricity, and petrol were raised by 20 %. During the last months, food prices, particularly those for cereals and rice, have doubled.

In May 08, public subsidies for diesel were dramatically shortened, the diesel price thus rose from SYP 7,20 to SYP 25 per litre. This led to increased prices in the transport sector as well as to an important general rise in price.

To compensate it, wages and salaries were increased by 25 %.


Damascus – Arab Capital of Culture 2008


Throughout the year, concerts, lectures, and expositions are held.

Further information at:


Parking meters


Since some months, parking meters haven been installed In the centre of Damascus. Most of them are now running. Parking search has now become easier, however you should not forget to take a parking ticket, 1 hour costs 50 Lire.


Departure tax increased


As of 1st of July 2008, passengers starting by plane from Damascus, Aleppo, or Lattakia must pay an "Airport tax“ amounting to SYP 1.500 (formerly SYP 200,-).

This tax must be paid in domestic currency; based on the current exchange rate, this amount corresponds to € 22,-.

Persons exiting by land must pay a departure tax of SYP 500.-, about € 7,20.


Turkish Airlines


Now provides an air service from many European cities via Istanbul to Damascus but also to Aleppo, which results in great round-trip opportunities.

In particular when planning trips „In the footsteps of the Apostle Paul“, during St. Paul's year announced by Pope Benedict XVI on June 28th 2008, many destinations in Turkey can be suggested.


New public-service buses


Since early May 08, some 180 modern public-service buses produced in China have run in Damascus and Aleppo. Their network is being extended, buses are numbered, and a (rapid) running display indicates the two last stops of the route in Arabic language.

The one-way fare was increased from SYP 5 to SYP 9, the real amount being 10 Lire, since there are no more 1 SYP coins in circulation.



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